We don’t know much about his tax returns, but two things we know for sure about Trump are that he loves Twitter and he loves Fox News. All. Day. Long.

Trump Twitter analytics

Trump’s tweets before and after inauguration. Arranged according to the Fox News program schedule.

So,  what can we  learn about Trump by studying his twitter habits? Has his tweeting behavior changed since inauguration? And – more importantly – how does Fox News influence him?


To find out, we charted his twitter output in relation to the Fox News program schedule. See our tutorial Twitter Analytics – Learn with TRump.


What we can learn from Trump’s Twitter habits – and the Fox News TV schedule.

Trump doesn’t multitask, so when he’s not tweeting, there’s something good on Fox News.

The trumpbot boots up at 6am

This hasn’t changed since inauguration.


He tweets early and hard

His tweets come hardest and fastest in the early morning. This correlates with Fox and Friends, which doesn’t demand too much attention.


Trump is working harder than ever

Trump starts working earlier now – and he’s working for longer. Pre-Jan 20,he had a tweet trough from 10-4pm, correlating to a good 6 hours of work. Now, that trough starts at 9am – and its deepened.


Trump has a 4pm tweet-spike

At 4pm Fox News shows Your World with Neil Cavuto. Trump isn’t interested in Your World, so he gets back to tweeting.


Trump’s biggest behavior change is the 6pm – 8pm happy-hour

At 6pm we’ve got Special Report with Bret Baier, a Washington politico-tainment show that Trump used to love (see 6pm dip in tweet activity pre-inauguration). But now we’ve got a tweet-spike at 6pm – seems that the allure of Washington politics isn’t what it used to be.


Trump loves The First Hundred Days

A great new show from Fox News all about him.


Trump’s 8pm tweet-spike has inverted

Trump used to tweet like mad during the Bill O’Reilly’s show. Not any more. Trump is now very quiet at 8pm. And again at 11pm, when the same show is repeated.

Bill O’Reilly – you have the full attention of the president.